Materials Used

To create our unique handcrafted bags and accessories, we use quality full grain Goat, Buffalo and camel which is tanned over a period of time for refreshing vintage look. 

Our leather is produced by a recognized tannery that priorities environmentally friendly leather production. Vegetable-tanned leather has a natural hue, an earthy sweetness to it, and over time acquires a stunning patina that preserves the history of its previous owner.

Other vintage leather used such as Goat, Buffalo nd Camel Leather . It may also restore scratches with the correct maintenance regimen (unlike chrome tanned leathers, which, once scratched, cannot be repaired without re-tanning).

Parrys Leather World's premium leather goods are created entirely of goat, buffalo, or camel leather, and we take pride in the fact that we provide society long-lasting, sustainable products at fair prices.

Best Quality Brass Hardware used for long lasting sustainability.


Our product is officially registered and patented under the US office of Patent and Trademark